First and foremost - we are NOT the real Carrier Air Wing Eight.  We are a Digital Combat Simulator Realism Unit with a very high view of the United States Navy, and a commitment realistic gaming.  We gather to simulate a Navy environment, in honor of the real sailors who serve.  The real CVW-8 can be found at the following site:

Carrier Air Wing 8 (CVW-8) for Digital Combat Simulator is an online community created for Naval Aviation enthusiasts by Naval Aviation enthusiasts.  Our goal for Carrier Air Wing Eight is simple:


To create a Military environment which is fun, and at the same time, educational.


To this end we strive for an effective mix of military simulation, education, engagement and fun.  Our dedication towards realism and excellence makes this a challenging and demanding endeavor for our members; providing an adapted, realistic simulation of procedures followed by Naval Aviators everyday around the world in Digital Combat Simulator.  To further these goals, members of Carrier Air Wing Eight must comply with the following Code of Conduct.  This Code sets forth how members are expected to conduct themselves both as virtual pilots and as representatives of CVW-8 in the flight simulator community.


Carrier Air Wing Eight - DCS Realism Unit is the longest standing realism Carrier Air Wing within the Digital Combat Simulator Community, having been activated in April 2015.  Since that time, we have experienced many expansions and reductions, and various changes of command.  Our foundation is solid, having stood some of the toughest test’s realism gaming, and group gaming can muster.  We are here to stay and will continue to set the standard for realism gaming as our founders laid the basis for, even though they have long departed our ranks.


If this sounds like something you're interested in, please register and let us know.  But keep in mind, once you take that step and commit to joining, we're going to hold you the same standards we hold every other member to.

Mission Statement


Carrier Air Wing Eight was developed simply because we love to fly.  As a result, we strive for realism and excellence and base our operations as close as we can to the operations of CVW-8.

Our dedication towards realism and excellence makes this a challenging and demanding endeavor for our members and yet at the same time having fun.  Another goal of the CVW-8 is to bring true professionalism and courtesy for all our members.


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